Meet Tessa, the Blind Applying champion of Deloitte!

 Tessa has begun an exciting internship in Consulting-Innovation at Cologne, Germany.

Could you imagine that you would get the internship at Deloitte?

There are so many interesting companies participating in the Blind Applying program, but since I am strongly focused on consulting, Deloitte had been one of my favorites. I was hoping to have good chances of being interviewed, but I would have never imagined being chosen as their champion. Of course, I am more than happy to get this great chance.

You have organized fashion events and fashion is one of your main interests. What has fashion taught you about business?

Fashion is business and it also shows a lot of analogies to the business world in general. You work with many different kinds of people in fashion, which helps you to get along with and understand the perspective of different business partners - be it an experienced entrepreneur or a creative aesthete. Furthermore, you have to move with the trends to be in fashion and even stay ahead of them by creating new ones. It is the same in the business world. Companies that are able to invent products which meet the present wants of customers, are way more successful than the companies that are always in delay regarding new trends.

Is there a person who has inspired you in your life?

Yes, actually there are a few. A special one of them is my father, who showed me what it means to work hard in order to reach your goals instead of only chasing your dreams. He taught me that kindness, rather than resentfulness, puts you ahead, and he shaped my sense of justice. No matter where in the world I am or how difficult my situation might be, I know that he offers his help unconditionally. He is my kind of life insurance.