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Deloitte's internship in 2017

Internship: Cyber Risk Services
Location: Frankfurt am main, Germany

Deloitte is offering an internship in their Cyber Risk Services department in Frankfurt am Main!  Several hundreds of cyber attacks take place on corporate networks, online platforms and websites on a daily basis. The majority of these events won't even be identified until the effect is visible to the company. 

Active usage of cyber space in a corporate context should not be treated only from a business enabling perspective but also needs to be considered as a potential risk for enterprises. Organisations can only win the battle against cyber attacks by planning an effective strategy as well as enabling cyber defense procedures. We support decision-takers to identify, assess and manage cyber risks to minimize the potential impact on their environment. 


Murat Yildiz, Director Cyber Risk Service at Deloitte shares his advice with you! 

What do you believe is an important aspect of an engaging company culture? 
Value every team members contribution to the overall team result and enable your staff to grow. 

Your advice for a student who wants to kick-start their career? 
Few people start their career with a deep knowledge in a certain technical area. 
Be self-confident and open for new experiences. Work on your soft skills and never stop learning. 

What is your most treasured memory from your professional life? 
Achieving success with a team is and will always be very electrifying for me. Looking back at the last 16 years within the IT security area, I realize that the situations in which I had the highest level of complexity were the most valuable ones for my personal development. 

Favorite working spot in the office?
Just check my picture and you will immediately see what my favorite spot in the office is! :)

Murat at his favorite spot in the office: The Cyber Intelligence Center! 

Murat at his favorite spot in the office: The Cyber Intelligence Center! 


Meet Pascal, the Blind Applying champion of Deloitte

Last summer, after having studied Aviation Management at EBS Business School, Pascal joined the innovative team at Deloitte Garage in Mannheim.

Meet Oliver from Deloitte!

We asked the Blind Applying employers a few questions about their daily life at the office and to send us a picture from their workplace.

Oliver is senior consultant at Deloitte Germany. In the pic, he is with the team of "The Deloitte Garage", the innovation incubator of Deloitte Germany. #WeAreTheEmployers

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
Storytelling – our American colleagues love to tell stories. When I started out working more intensely with the US Deloitte Member Firm, I was rather skeptical about their storified way of delivering presentations. As I grew to work with US colleagues on an everyday basis, I couldn't admire their storytelling abilities more and wanted to get better at it.

Is there something that you are aspiring to do in the future?
Pro-Bono – being part of a cross-border and business-overarching pro bono project for an NGO.

What is your most treasured memory from your professional life?
Project abroad - As a young consultant, I was sent abroad to conduct a workshop with the leadership team of a major Automotive Manufacturer. It was a three-day workshop with 10 people for which I prepared myself at home with the help of my colleagues and then was the only representative of Deloitte at the client site abroad. Very challenging and rewarding situation!

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a colleague and why?
Roger Federer – I am a tennis fan and player and do not only admire Roger's game, but also his continuous humbleness. Despite being the greatest tennis player of all times, having earned the most valuable sponsoring contracts, he remains simply Roger. In general, I can relate a lot to what Mark Zuckerberg recently said: “I love to employ people, who I can imagine to be employed by.”