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GM – where the brightest minds come together to build exceptional automobiles and to strive towards being the best in technology, safety, and innovation. We focus on putting our customers, and our planet, at the center of everything we do. And because we do, we’re redefining the way the world drives. Working across cultures and nations, our dynamic network encompasses Suppliers, Design Centers, Laboratories, and Manufacturing Plants in more than 100 countries. At GM we are driven by passion, curiosity and imagination.

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General Motors internship in 2017

Internship: Marketing MBA Leadership Development / Global Brand Strategy Associate
Location: Detroit , USA

General Motors is offering a Global Brand Strategy internship!  We hope you like topics such as Product Marketing, Brand Marketing and Sales Operations as they are all included in the assignment areas within GM's ambitious Marketing MBA Leadership Development program. 

Meet Kristine from GM!

Kristine was a Finance Intern during the summer of 2015 at GM. She joined GM full time in 2016 and is a member of the Finance TRACK program which is GM's rotational development program

What do you believe is an important aspect of an engaging company culture? 
An engaging culture allows individuals to partner with an organization. To me, developing a team that empowers each individual to contribute, regardless of level or function, to the end product is a key aspect in developing a strong culture. 

Your advice for a student who wants to kick-start their career? 
Get involved. Within a large company there are always opportunities to influence process and grow your network. Find a way to actively participate in your workplace and opportunity will follow. 

What is your most treasured memory from your professional life? 
Professional life and social life are not entirely independent. My most treasured memory is when I found myself submitting a final product our entire team worked on together. Afterwards, we received personal recognition from our leadership team, and we spent the evening out for a team dinner and drinks. 

Favorite working spot in the office? 
GM Wintergarden at RenCen ( The Rennaissance Center in Detroit)

GM Wintergarden

GM Wintergarden

Meet Laurie from GM!

We asked the Blind Applying employers a few questions about their daily life at the office and to send us a picture of their favourite item in the workplace.

Laurie is working as Employee Engagement Strategist at GM. #WeAreTheEmployers

What does the picture mean for you?

This picture shows a sticker from the d. School at Stanford, which to me means I can think differently and out of the box. I get to bring a human-centered way of thinking to General Motors. It reminds me to always push the status quo and challenge conventional thought to be the best place to work.

This picture also shows a magnet that says “Detroit, where life is worth living.” To me it really shows my love for the city of Detroit. This city is a remarkable city with beautiful history, a bright future and wonderful people working hard on the things that they are passionate about.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
If I could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability it would be to tell great stories. Through my time at General Motors I have learned that story-telling is very important to a healthy culture. The stories you share can empower people to bring their best selves to the table, or they can knock them down. Story-telling to me is a very important factor that is not as easy and fluffy as one would think. I have really learned how much I don’t know about it and how big of an impact it can have.

What is your most treasured memory from your professional life?
My most treasured memory from my professional life, was being trusted and supported to create, from scratch, a way for all employees to feel empowered to unleash their own potential and to be change agents in GM.

This included creating over 8 events, reaching over 400 people with top executives intrigued. Also, things that I have done, have been escalated to the CEO of our company, which is very rare for a young employee and it is very rewarding. I am also working on a project that will reach over 200,000 employees. I never thought I would able to work on the scale that I get to work on.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a colleague and why?
Neil Patrick Harris would be a great add to our team. He is a jack of all trades and always knows how to mix something up. He is also really great at magic tricks which is awesome and shows that there are no limits to what a person could do to entertain others. I truly am seeking someone who looks at something and can use their imagination and a can-do attitude to realize possibilities that have never been thought of.