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Internships are more than just work: Being inspired at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A.

By Ikha

Hello from my lovely small city Offenburg, Germany! It's been three weeks since my internship ended. Now, I'm facing reality as a student again at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. In this post, I’d like to share you about the lessons learned and best moments during the internship, including tips for those who are interested to do an internship at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A.

Doing an internship goes deeper than gaining work experience and adding a few rows on your CV. It's all about what you've learned and how it impacts your life and shapes your future. Personally, I consider this internship an enriching phase in my life where I opened up to a new environment and developed my technical and soft skills.

There are two important lessons I learned during this internship. First, don’t stop looking for inspiration around you. An intern is never isolated from colleagues. There will be at least one moment in which we have the opportunity to interact with our supervisor and co-workers. This interaction was very important for me because through it I found inspiration from everyone who worked with me.

An intern is never isolated from colleagues, and you can find inspiration in the interaction with them

For example, my supervisor who has extensive knowledge in the field of engineering design made time to meet and discuss with everyone who had questions about the project we worked on. He listens and appreciates the opinions of others, and was very  solution-oriented when problems popped-up in our project. I also found inspiration in my colleagues, who where very open minded, communicative, cooperative, and helpful. Those inspirations encouraged me to perform at my best, helping me to be more confident and unafraid to ask or interact with my colleagues and supervisors. It surely made the internship days at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A more fun!

One must learn to be flexible and adapt to unforeseen problems in a project, while still delivering agreed quality and specifications of a product.

The second lesson I learned is how important it is to be a flexible engineer. Sometimes, during project execution, you're not aware that certain problems that might occur until they suddenly arise and require an immediate solution. Therefore, one must learn as an engineer to be flexible, for example, towards fixed project specifications or parameters in engineering calculation. This flexibility should allow you to adapt and still guarantee the agreed quality and specifications of the product.


Leave room for the unexpected

It will be difficult to think about this internship and find a memory that is not beautiful. This time was amazing and will always be on my mind. But something I'm especially happy about is that through this internship I had the opportunity to have a meeting with the Chairman of Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A. I shared with him my opinion and feedback about the internship program, and it surprised me that not only was he listening but also writing down my feedback on his book. As an intern in a such big and global company, this is a kind of rare and precious moment.

Besides the Chairman, the director of the department and the Talent Management and Organization Development Manager from the HR Department were also open to my feedback. It gave me a very good impression about the company, that they really value everyone.

Other memories I'll always carry in my life are the moments where me and my colleagues exchanged our knowledge to accomplish tasks, and the unforgettable lunch moments with lunch mates who were always generous sharing their delicious food with me!

I felt that, at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A., everyone is valued

In my opinion, Air Liquide Global Solutions E&C Poland S.A. is the right company for those looking for deep learning, because as an intern you'll be deeply involved in a certain project or projects. You'll be placed with knowledgeable, experienced, and engaged professionals within your field who'll supervise you, and maybe, like me, you'll learn unexpected things (besides the project-related tasks, I also participated in a very interesting in-house training).

Thank you, team!

Thank you, team!

Make it happen

If you're interested in doing an internship at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A., I recommend you to be proactive in doing your tasks. Use that proactive attitude to show that you're consistent with your internship goals. My goals were to learn and gain as much experience as possible in that short time, so that I would be ready to develop my career. So I made sure to keep that in mind as I worked. You can put this into action by taking the initiative to ask for your next task as soon as you accomplish the previous one assigned to you. This way you make sure not to waste your time doing nothing.


Another tip I'd like to give you is to overcome your fear and always be positive. Keep in mind there are no stupid questions! Sometimes, as interns we're reluctant to ask or interact with colleagues because we're unnecessarily scared. We shouldn't wait for our co-workers to talk with us, because we can initiate the conversation anytime as well. The more you interact with your co-workers, the more confident you'll be at networking (and the wider your network!). Trust me, it will help you a lot!

Last but not least, I wish you success in your application!



A worthwile experience: Gaining and sharing knowledge at Air Liquide

By Ikha

Hello everyone!

Time flies when you’re having fun, these are the perfect words to describe what’s happening to me now. My internship will end in two weeks, and I still can’t believe it. In this post, I‘d like to share about my internship at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A., what challenges I’ve overcome, the work culture, and what I have learned so far. But first of all, I’d like to give you a brief insight about this company:

Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A. is a part of the Air Liquide Group, the world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health and present in 80 countries. Air Liquide Engineering & Construction is a technology partner for the design, engineering and construction of processing facilities and related infrastructures. It has 15 engineering centers worldwide out of which one located in Kraków. As you know, I'm finishing this internship at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A. in the beautiful touristic city, Kraków.

Any intern here expects to be challenged in a way that gives them as much valuable knowledge and experience as possible

My internship is mainly about designing hydrogenation technology to convert glycerin into monopropylene glycol, which is used in many industries (like lubricant, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and even the food industry). I strongly believe that, just like it was for me, any intern here expects to be challenged in a way that gives them as much valuable knowledge and experience as possible. And I’m quite happy with this internship because it always challenges me. Although I joined the team almost at the end of the engineering phase, I still got engineering tasks to do. For me the biggest challenge came after the engineering phase ended, when we review vendors' technical proposal for the conversion technology.

You could say it’s a simple task, but it’s a long-term one. Generally, this is when we compare our requirements with the data offered in proposals. It involves a lot of reading and checking, not only the proposals but also any related documents such as data sheets, specifications, drawings, standards, and codes. Sometimes, it also requires calculation, simulation, and analysis to clarify or solve certain problems.

At the beginning, I wasn’t sure I could accomplish this very well since it requires more experience to identify critical parameters already included or not yet written in the proposals. But me and my colleague managed it! We also sharpened our communication skills and creativity to present easy understandable reviews for the proposals revision.

I feel valued by what I’ve performed here.

Something that I'll miss from Air Liquide is the positive work environment, which provides wide opportunities for professional development and growth. First, I feel valued by what I've performed here. During my internship, I'm supervised by a senior engineer, who has profound knowledge and experiences in the field of gas technology. Despite his busy work, he checks all my accomplished tasks thoroughly, discusses and answers my questions, listens and corrects my analysis for any issue which might affect the technology design or simply to advance my knowledge.

Second, the relationships between co-workers are very good because the people here are open and very helpful both at and outside of work. I'm working intensively with one engineer to review proposals. As one team, we don’t find any difficulties in exchanging our ideas, we keep reporting our findings to each other so we’ll both keep updated. Such good atmosphere fosters camaraderie, productivity, and excellence. For those reasons, I always feel motivated to go in to work. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 15.21.45.png
It’s not just about gaining but also about sharing knowledge what makes working in a team worthwhile

Doing an internship in a global environment helps me understand the importance of communication and language skills with a new perspective. Since English isn't my native language, it forces me to pay more attention and always be focused during discussions. It also pushes me to be more confident when I speak. Thank's to reviewing proposals, I learned a lot on how to communicate effectively speaking and writing to others. Of course, mastering these skills requires an extra effort to solve problems and one can still make mistakes, but I do really enjoy this learning stage.

As I mentioned before, the fact that I'm working in a team it makes my internship worthwhile, because it’s not just about gaining but also about sharing knowledge. And this ‘give and take’ behavior for me is always beneficial for everyone and fundamental to build trust in the team. 

At last, I hope this post ensures everyone to embrace the challenge to do an internship abroad, especially in Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A.

See you on the next post!

Next stop: Kraków

By Ikha

Następny przystanek : Kraków Główny

Hello! I am very happy to greet you all from Kraków, Poland’s most entrancing city.

Well, if you were not born Polish or do not understand Polish maybe you are wondering what “Następny przystanek” means. But you would automatically understand when you are travelling in Poland and using public transportation like a bus or tram. Yes! It means “Next Stop”.

Exploring Old Town

Since my flat location is very close to the Kraków’s central station, Kraków Głowny is my next stop after arriving at the Airport. The day after I arrived, I met a friend from Spain and we hung out around Kraków’s old town. I fell head over heels with this entire medieval town, and couldn’t stop admiring the charm and beauty of the Main Market Square, St. Mary’s Basilica Church, and Wawel Castle . I remember, I always made my friend laugh because I said "amazing" almost every minute.

St. Mary’s Basilica adjacent to  Main Market Square

St. Mary’s Basilica adjacent to  Main Market Square

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle

Every challenge leads to learning

 Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions S.A. Poland

 Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions S.A. Poland

I started my internship at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Poland S.A. on 3rd July 2017. On the first day, I joined an interesting presentation about the company and had safety induction. Then, I was introduced to the colleagues with whom I am working during this internship. I am quite happy because all co-workers are very kind, friendly, and approachable. Since the beginning of this internship program, my supervisor briefed me about the project they were currently working on and gave me specific tasks related to it. It was quite challenging for me because I hadn't done that kind of engineering tasks before or in my previous job.

In my first month, I've already accomplished several assignments which require engineering analysis skill, thoroughness, and perseverance. I've done case studies and calculations, prepared engineering document lists, and checked process data, drawings, and related documents. I am lucky that I have an eager and excellent supervisor, from whom I can learn a lot. He also excels at delegating tasks, and is very supportive if I get problems with the assigned tasks. Previously I had worked in the field of engineering design, but the project that I handled is basically oil and gas projects. Here I'm gaining tangible experience and skills in the field of petrochemicals. This is really a great stepping-stone for my career.

Exploring the food culture

One of my favorite moments during this internship is lunch break. It might be short sometimes but it's always sweet because I have lunch mates with whom I can relax and sharing our daily life stories or even our cultures. My lunch mates are always excited when they introduced me the hearty traditional Polish cuisines such as Pierogi, Zapiekanka, Zurek, Gołąbki, and Schabowy Kotlet. We also had a fun pot luck together in pantry. I cooked Rendang, it’s kind of Indonesian’s beef curry, and my friend cooked Polish cuisines. Unfortunately, I forgot to capture this moment because we were already hungry. Next time I will take some pictures.

Rendang, Indonesien cuisine

Rendang, Indonesien cuisine

Zapiekanka, Polish street food

Zapiekanka, Polish street food


Having this internship in a such a global company like Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions S.A, staying in a magical city like Kraków, making new friends and hanging out with lovely people from many countries are really beyond my expectation. The Blind Applying campaign is the perfect bridge to cross over to invaluable experiences and adventures. Therefore, I’d like to encourage everyone to participate. And don’t be discouraged because of the high number of applicants. It’s always worth a try.

I still have many stories, you'll hear about them in the next post. See you again. 😊


Meet Ikha, the Blind Applying champion of Air Liquide

Ikha has an academic background in chemical engineering and experience from traveling around the world. Originally from beautiful Jakarta, Indonesia, her adventure with Air Liquide Engineering & Construction Solutions will now take her to Krakow, Poland!


Ikha, what do you think will be the greatest challenge?

Doing internship at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions in Poland will be my first experience working in a global company. As I know, that this company is the world leader and has quite remarkable reputation in gases technology. So, I believe this company has high quality standard of working. Therefore, the first greatest challenge for me is to achieve my full potential and hone my skills so that I can deliver the assigned tasks with excellence and punctuality.

Additionally, based on my working experiences as a Process Engineer, I consider working in a multi-disciplinary team as one of greatest challenge. But admittedly, multi-disciplinary teamwork is the biggest chance to gain knowledge from other disciplines and integrate the knowledge into all phases of engineering design. Besides, we can also broaden our professional network from this kind of team. So, I will be very excited for both challenges.

What special object will you bring with you to Krakow?

First is my notebook. Perhaps it is more appropriately referred to as a must object rather than special object, because I will definitely need it for my work, study, entertainment, and travel.

Ikha and her notebook

Ikha and her notebook


Second, I actually wanted to take my acoustic guitar with me, so that I can have more fun when I am with friends or even just alone. Unfortunately, due to limited luggage, I should bring lighter things. So, I decided to bring Indonesian cooking spices, because I love cooking, especially cooking for friends.

Lucky friends!

Lucky friends!


What are you looking forward to while working at Air Liquide?

I believe that innovation is one of the key elements of Air Liquide's culture. Therefore, I am looking forward to challenging projects, friendly and innovative working environment, which allow me to explore my interest, to use my experiences, and to grow with creativity in finding the solutions. So, during the internship, I can see the positive impacts of my work on each assigned projects or even on people with whom I work.