What is Blind Applying?

Blind Applying, initiated by Deutsche Telekom and powered by Entrypark, is a unique collaboration project among international top employers. The twist? All of them offer one internship at one of their locations worldwide. Up until the interviews take place, the students don’t know for which position and which location they are applying. The surprising job opportunity might take them to the US, Asia or even Australia!

Blind Applying is more than an internship program – it’s a career adventure you will never forget!
— Sabine Burmeister, eHR Consultant, Deutsche Telekom
Blind Applying won the  Employer Branding Innovation 2014 Award by Trendence

Blind Applying won the Employer Branding Innovation 2014 Award by Trendence


Every year, countless students face the same issues. So many internships and so many options. Once you’ve found an interesting position, the next step is to simply “apply now”. Which means writing a CV/résumé and a time-consuming motivation letter for every application. For students who are still figuring out their personal career paths, this standard application principle isn’t always quick and easy and the employer they are spending so much time applying for might not be the best fit for them.


Last year, Sabine Burmeister and Frank Staffler from Deutsche Telekom came up with an internship campaign that is taking the search for an internship from a necessity to an adventure. What if you could find your dream internship with minimal research and a lot of excitement? Blind Applying was born! Powered by Entrypark and with 18 top international employers joining the program, Blind Applying became a huge success with over 10,000 applicants, exotic internship locations and job offers for enrolled students from all academic subjects. 18 champions had the opportunity to gain valuable working experience, build their professional network and blog about their adventures abroad while doing it. Blind Applying received two awards, the HR Excellence Award for the best HR campaign 2013 and the Employer Branding Innovation 2014 Award by Trendence.

Blind Applying is starting again!

What is new this year? New and returning global employers, new internship positions and surprising locations await this year’s champions. If you think you can be one of them, you can sign up here.

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