What can Blind Applying offer to your students?

Blind Applying is an easy way for students to explore the global working world. The applicants  do not know for which opportunity they are the most suitable. Their CV decides that for them!

While the Blind Applying employers are well known to students, the variety of internships they offer might not be. From becoming a marketer at a global health group to designing software at a CPG company – the possibilities are endless! Together with exciting locations and a small amount of cultural shock – Blind Applying turns the job search into a career adventure that enriches the personal and professional life of every Blind Applying intern.

How can you help?

Share the idea with your students and let them know about this unique opportunity. Please feel free to use the templates below after the application period begins in November 2016.

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How does it work?

  • Minimum one internship per company
  • Every enrolled student can apply on BlindApplying.com
  • Students discover the internships when invited for the interview in January - February
  • Each company selects their intern in February-March
  • The Blind Applying interns blog about their experience and share their stories with the world.

How is it different?

  • Application is easy. Apply with just one CV/résuméNo cover letter needed.
  • Blind Applying internships are international.
  • The Blind Applying employers are well known, the internships they offer might not be.
  • All internships are paid. Employers can also provide additional support for the intern’s traveling and housing costs.
  • Applicants who are not selected receive news about other suitable opportunities they can apply for.

The idea was initiated by Deutsche Telekom in 2013 and is powered by Entrypark.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the internship last? 
The Blind Applying internships are paid internships of 3 months minimum. Internships usually start late May - June. Exact starting date and duration are decided between the candidate and the employer.

How is the selection made?
The candidates are shortlisted based on the qualifications (field, languages, previous experience), as needed for each internship. A candidate's extra-curricular interests and other activities are also taken into account, so that they are matched with opportunities interesting for them. Out of the shortlisted candidates, the employers choose which students to interview and ultimately decide on their Blind Applying champion.

Are the internships related to the students' field of study?
The selection process tries to ensure that the internships are relevant to a selected student's overall background and skills. Sometimes, the internships are not directly related to a student's field of study, but if a student has fitting skills and wants to try something different, it's up to them.

Are students obliged to accept an internship offer?
Students are not obliged to accept any offer or interview. We always look to match students with suitable companies and opportunities, but it's up to the student to decide.

Can recent graduates take part?
Some employers require the intern to be an enrolled student for legal reasons. If a company can employ recent graduates for the internship, we are more than happy to match them with suitable candidates.

What other opportunities are there besides the Blind Applying internships?
All applicants have the opportunity to receive personalized opportunities and news from the partaking employers, based on their profiles. It is our goal to let applicants know of as many new, global opportunities the employers are offering as possible.


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