Key facts about this year's Blind Applying

Applications received: This year more than 12.600 applicants from all over the world!
Application period: 1.11.2016 until 11.12.2016
Student profiles: Enrolled students from all subject fields and universities
Partaking companies: Air Liquide, Bayer, Covestro, Deutsche Telekom, Deloitte, General Motors, L’Oréal, Michelin, TÜV NORD GROUP, UnitedHealth Group
Internship locations: Bonn, San Francisco, Detroit, Frankfurt, Sevilla, Krákow, Minneapolis, Paris, Athens and Greenville.
Internship period: Summer 2017 – min. 3 month


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Press Release - Nov. 2016 (English)

Press Release - Jul. 2016 (English)


Blind Applying in the Press

"Une campagne collaborative où les entreprises mettent leur marque employeur au service d’autres recruteurs." - Le Monde
"Un recrutement hors du commun." - BFMTV
"Es ist ein Sprung ins Unbekannte, ein echtes Abenteuer auf dem Weg zum beruflichen Erfolg." - Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung
"Il curriculum? Ora si manda alla cieca" - L'Espresso

"Projeto permite candidatura 'às cegas'  a estágio internacional"  - Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the internship last? 
The Blind Applying internships are paid internships of 3 months minimum. Internships usually start late May - June. Exact starting date and duration are decided between the candidate and the employer.

How is the selection made?
The candidates are shortlisted based on the qualifications (field, languages, previous experience), as needed for each internship. A candidate's extra-curricular interests and other activities are also taken into account, so that they are matched with opportunities interesting for them. Out of the shortlisted candidates, the employers choose which students to interview and ultimately decide on their Blind Applying champion.

Can recent graduates take part?
Some employers require the intern to be an enrolled student for legal reasons. If a company can employ recent graduates for the internship, we are more than happy to match them with suitable candidates.

Are students obliged to accept an internship offer?
Students are not obliged to accept any offer or interview. We always look to match students with suitable companies and opportunities, but it's up to the student to decide.

What other opportunities are there besides the Blind Applying internships?
All applicants have the opportunity to receive personalized opportunities and news from the partaking employers, based on their profiles. It is our goal to let applicants know of as many new, global opportunities the employers are offering as possible.


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Project Manager


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Press Contact