Coffee break in Cologne

(By Tessa Balg)

The first half of my internship at Deloitte is already over and it seems like time has just flown by due to the many things I have learned, the new people I have met and my awesome team. I used my leisure time to explore Cologne and thus want to show you two favorite places of mine.

If you ever visit Cologne, you can’t miss the Cologne Cathedral, probably the most popular spot in the city. Here you can see it illuminated at night. In the day time, you can also climb the stairs to the top.

As for my favorite place, where you can find me most of my weekends, and one of the most beautiful places in Cologne: The Salon Schmitz, a former butchery where they serve the best Café Latte in Germany and the most delicious Quiches. On the weekend it is so crowded, you hardly get a free spot without reservations.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!