Meet Ikha, the Blind Applying champion of Air Liquide

Ikha has an academic background in chemical engineering and experience from traveling around the world. Originally from beautiful Jakarta, Indonesia, her adventure with Air Liquide Engineering & Construction Solutions will now take her to Krakow, Poland!


Ikha, what do you think will be the greatest challenge?

Doing internship at Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions in Poland will be my first experience working in a global company. As I know, that this company is the world leader and has quite remarkable reputation in gases technology. So, I believe this company has high quality standard of working. Therefore, the first greatest challenge for me is to achieve my full potential and hone my skills so that I can deliver the assigned tasks with excellence and punctuality.

Additionally, based on my working experiences as a Process Engineer, I consider working in a multi-disciplinary team as one of greatest challenge. But admittedly, multi-disciplinary teamwork is the biggest chance to gain knowledge from other disciplines and integrate the knowledge into all phases of engineering design. Besides, we can also broaden our professional network from this kind of team. So, I will be very excited for both challenges.

What special object will you bring with you to Krakow?

First is my notebook. Perhaps it is more appropriately referred to as a must object rather than special object, because I will definitely need it for my work, study, entertainment, and travel.

Ikha and her notebook

Ikha and her notebook


Second, I actually wanted to take my acoustic guitar with me, so that I can have more fun when I am with friends or even just alone. Unfortunately, due to limited luggage, I should bring lighter things. So, I decided to bring Indonesian cooking spices, because I love cooking, especially cooking for friends.

Lucky friends!

Lucky friends!


What are you looking forward to while working at Air Liquide?

I believe that innovation is one of the key elements of Air Liquide's culture. Therefore, I am looking forward to challenging projects, friendly and innovative working environment, which allow me to explore my interest, to use my experiences, and to grow with creativity in finding the solutions. So, during the internship, I can see the positive impacts of my work on each assigned projects or even on people with whom I work.