A month in Krakow

(by Gonçalo Guerreiro)

Yesterday, while talking to my colleagues, I realised that it’s one month already since I started my 3-month internship in Krakow at the ABB Corporate Research Center. I knew this already but it still feels like I have just arrived - that’s probably a good thing! Besides the time spent at workcarrying on my tasks (I will share more about it in another post), I got to see and know nice things about Krakow and today I will share some highlights with you.

Burgers are a thing!

Hipster-ish hamburger places are taking over Krakow and even though I was not a huge fan, I am somehow getting converted, lunch break by lunch break.

… as well as small breweries.

Self-brewed beer seems like another big trend here and as a consequence pubs with craft beer can be found a bit everywhere too.

Krakow is FULL of internationals.

The city is very international-friendly as most people are used to interact with the tourists and with the crowd of Erasmus students and foreign workers. I’ve met already several young people who just moved to the city too.

It’s cool to be a tourist.

I must admit that I haven’t exploited the full touristic potential of the city yet but what I’ve seen so far was great and there’s much more waiting. I took the picture below during a visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine with some friends. The impressive part: this room is located about 100 meters underground and surrounded by almost 300 (!) kilometres of galleries.