Innovation is a Mindset


(by Pascal)

A couple of weeks have passed and my internship at Deloitte has ended in the meantime. In my final post about my internship at the Deloitte Garage, I won’t extensively talk about my last duties but rather want to use the opportunity to do a wrap-up of my time at this outstanding team.

Trying a VR set!

Overall, I got a lot of responsibility right from the beginning which, together with topics that changed frequently, decisively shaped my experience in this internship. As I stated before, this would not have been possible without a team, which is characterized by teamwork, professionalism, trust, and a fair portion of fun.

Working with some of the latest pieces of technology and being able to present them in workshops (which I could largely structure independently) was probably among the things which I valued most during that time.

It was our goal to make innovation approachable for our clients, which was a really interesting part of my internship. Jointly, we developed new formats to encourage deep conversations and discussions about definite applications of predefined innovation topics. I guess that the development and use of formats, which are different from the experiences I had in other internships, specifically are a key take-away from the last three months. Additionally, it has always been an open question to me, how innovation, in detail, is linked to new business models, as well as which specific factors are relevant when assessing innovation. I am convinced, that this question has been exhaustively answered.

I have always thought about how innovation is linked to new business models, and about the specific factors that are relevant for its assessment.

In the week before I left, our team met again in Düsseldorf to celebrate and the achievements of the last months. Since we have been quite a large number of interns and working students supporting the team, this was also an occasion to spend some more time together before some of us returned to university to finish our studies. I think all of us were happy and surprised when the team handed us a signed version of a book we used frequently, and a t-shirt of the Deloitte Garage – from my point of view one of the moments which will definitely remain in my mind.

I think that people who like to work with creative solutions on a high quality standard will definitely have fun in such an environment

The Deloitte Garage is a place which values creativity and openness towards new topics and approaches. We worked on quite a number of topics and exchanged the latest trends on the market with each other. Similarly, flat hierarchies and a lot of responsibility even in entry positions or as an intern shape an encouraging and fast-paced working environment – maybe almost similar to a startup. I think that people who like to work with creative solutions on a high quality standard will definitely have fun in such an environment.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this last blog entry: It has been an inspiring time together with great people. At this point I again want to thank the team and Blind Applying for facilitating this internship.