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TeliaSonera brings the world closer by providing leading communication services to millions of customers every day in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Eurasia, Turkey and Spain. We also own and operate one of the world´s most extensive fiber backbones – empowering people, businesses and societies to execute their most critical activities.

Now we´re gearing up for the next step. We´re on a mission to create a New Generation Telco. We want to lead the way in responsible business, have the most loyal and satisfied customers and be the best place to work for our more than 20 000 employees.

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The Blind Applying internship 2016

Internship: Investment Analyst
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Be a core member of TeliaSonera’s Partnerships & Investment Group. Research, analyze and evaluate potential investments in some of the most exciting technology companies in the world. Gain experience by working in a cross-functional team, attend management meetings and provide insights and feedback in your meetings with new companies.


Meet Birgitta from TeliaSonera!

We asked the Blind Applying employers a few questions about their daily life at the office and to send us a picture of their favourite item in the workplace.

Birgitta is the Employer Branding Director at TeliaSonera. #WeAreTheEmployers

What does the picture you took mean for you?
I just love this red plastic duck on my desk! For me it is a daily reminder of one of our values – Dare. We, within TeliaSonera strongly believe in Dare to:
- INNOVATE by sharing ideas, taking risk and continuously learn
- LEAD by engaging with our customers and challenging ourselves
- SPEAK UP by expressing opinions and concerns

What role does fun play at your workplace?
For me fun means that you, at the same time as you ensure professional deliveries, do not say no to a laugh. A good example from last month is when I had our new DareTrainees taking their group photo and everyone looked pretty stiff. I asked everyone to just do something crazy. Ok, the result is not super odd, but those people had at that time their second day at work and come from six different countries. However, at least I got them laughing!

Constitute a perfect day for you?
Thank God! It´s Monday! So much fun to work with a wide variety of assignments with experienced colleagues. It is just great to create new opportunities for our people and new employees. To actually have an impact on people’s career development and at the same time be aware that we, as a company, bring the world closer through technology and thereby improve our customers’ daily lives. 


Here we are, all DareTrainees and myself, in the first group selfie on our top floor at the head office.

What is a project you've worked on and feel proud of?
I recently launched TeliaSonera´s first social media recruitment campaign for the DareTrainee program. The purpose is to challenge the TeliaSonera Management team, the organization, to participate in strategic projects and work together on innovation. Today we have all DareTrainees onboard, getting to know each other, sharing their challenges and building our New Generation Telco.